Our Country Is In Trouble



Do you think our government is operating at peak efficiency?  Is there a contribution that we the citizens can make that will help solve these problems?

Is it a Democrat problem? Or a Republican problem?  Many think it is a White House problem.  Personally, I think it is a Congressional Problem.

Congressman Mark-Wayne Mullen (R-OK) was found on one of his first days in Washington on the wrong bus enroute to the Capital.  Apparently, he mistakenly had gotten on the Democrat bus.  He was made painfully aware that he was treading on some dangerous terrain.  Are you kidding me??


Let’s imagine, just for fun, that you are a member of our illustrious congress.  Your friend and fellow congressman, Joe, writes a beautiful piece of legislation that will solve several current issues facing our country.

After reading the piece, you call Joe and tell him that you are really impressed with his idea.   Actually, it is brilliant.  That is the good news!!  The bad news, you can’t vote for it.  He is on the wrong side of the isle.  Oh well, better luck next time. Are you kidding me??


Have we outlived partisan politics?  Our congress votes in a new national health policy.  This is going to fix a huge problem in our country.  But, wait a minute, it has a few problems, so the Congress decides that this tremendous health bill is great, but not for them.  When they reach 76, they want a policy that will treat them or their family for cancer, instead of receiving end of life counseling!  It is good for us, but not good for them.  Are you kidding me??

Many think we need term limits.  This will prevent some knuckleheads from making this legislative thing a career.  But, trying to pass that law would be ridiculous and it will never get out of committee.

Oh, come on….we already have a term limit in place that the politicians cannot control.  It is called the American VOTER!!  We are the term limiters!

Last November, we had 22 members of the congress and the White House up for re-election.  We returned 20 of them!!  If you were the owner of a professional football team that had not won a game in four years, would you re-hire all the coaches for another four years?

I once heard, “If you always do, what you have always done, you will always get, what you always got!!”  Are you kidding me??

World Police Officers

Are we the world police officers?  Every time a country gets into a turmoil, we have to rush in and fix everything.  Ever wonder why the majority of the world hates the USA.

We always have our nose where it does not belong.  How many kids in the U.S. are going hungry while we send billions of dollars of aid to countries all over the world.

We went to Iraq looking for “weapons of mass destruction”  and now we are considering punishing Syria for possibly using chemical weapons??  Let’s fix our problems, then if there is money left over, we help some other folks.  Are you kidding me??

Let’s think about this… in the next election, not one incumbent wins re-election!!  Do you think this might get the attention of of those that were not due for re-election.   This past November, our household did not vote for one incumbent.  Was this effective?? Obviously not.

If I beat this drum loud enough and long enough, maybe there will be a few join me in turning this great nation around.   Let them know that their position is on a probational contract.  If things don’t start improving, they will be replaced.

Every great nation has fallen!  The Roman Empire, the Inca Indians, East Germany, Communism ….. you name it, it is gone.  Let’s not let our great country be the next one.

For Heaven’s sake, I am not a political genius, just an American citizen that retired from the U.S. Navy and wants our country to be Great again!    If you agree, encourage me.  This thought needs your response.  If my thinking is way off base and you have a better idea, speak up.  I will listen!!

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6 Responses to Our Country Is In Trouble

  1. Matt says:

    Jim, I agree! But I honestly think we’re getting close to the point of no return when it comes to our “political economy”..

    I was discussing similar issues with a friend of mine, and he mentioned something that caught my attention regarding the american vote. He stated that there is no way for the public to actually know for certain how many votes there were and who voted for what. He stated that if “they” say the american people voted for an individual to be reelected, who is to say that the american people didn’t actually vote for “the other guy”. He seemed to have a good point, but I try not to think about that kind of stuff. the kind of stuff where the american people are told their vote counts, but in reality, it does not.

    I know that may seem a little far fetch.. But just like you said, why would re rehire the coaches that have done nothing but lead us to defeat? Seems kinda crazy to me.

    Best regards,

    • Jim Jolliff says:


      Unfortunately, I think anything is possible. Talk to all your friends about not voting for incumbents in the next several elections and see what happens. We need to ban together. Thanks for commenting!! Your voice is important and I approved your comment.


  2. George says:

    Frustrating isn’t it. Makes me just a little to crazy to think about all of it at one time but all you write is correct. We put the same idiots back in. It does not make sense does it. It is because people have short to no memories. Sad, but we are done I think if we, the people, don’t get off our asses and wake up right now. We don’t have any more chances….

  3. penny hilbert says:

    Very informative and refreshing to hear someone speak the truth! I found we have similar views so I’ll keep checking in. Oh and got your blog from gringosabroad.com. Thanks.

  4. Mike says:

    I too feel your pain with our government. Totally out of control. I’ll continue to follow your blog. Plus I plan to be at the auction tomorrow :)

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