Survival Spanish

 Survival Spanish

When you travel outside the U.S., being somewhat familiar with the local language will be the difference maker!!  Adjusting to the local environment will be much more enjoyable if you can communicate.  For the next several months, we will attempt to prepare you for this transition.

Having a great teacher is the key to learning a new language.  I have tried them all, I think.  Since there are hundreds of Spanish Courses, I have experimented with the better known courses.  Recently, I found a couple that seem to be easier than others.

Marcus Santamaria and Fluenz are the courses that I am currently using.  Remember, the key to learning a new language is practice, practice and more practice.

Ok, here we go!

Greeting People

Hello  -  Hola

Goodbye – “Adios” in Mexico and “Hasta Luego” or “Chaio” pronounced “Chow” in Ecuador

Good Morning  -   Buenos Dias

Good Afternoon  -  Buenas Tardes

Good Evening/Night  -  Buenas Noches

How are you?  -  ¿Cómo está usted?

Fine, Thank You  -  Bien, Gracias

Next week, we will go to a restaurant.  See ya then!

Thanks to our friend Ecuador George for his help on our Spanish Lesson!!

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